Dog Bowl Fairy Garden

A Fairy Garden In A Dog Dish

Every fairy has at least one pet and for our fairies, one of their favorite pets are puppies! We too love the little squirming, licking, tail wagging balls of fun.

Taz in the garden

This garden is a tribute to one very magical little puppy who was blown into our lives by a hurricane which, was very appropriate as he was a daily whirlwind! Taz (yup named after the cartoon character) lived a long and spoiled life with us and will never be forgotten. Do you have a pet that you would like to remember with a fairy garden or perhaps a fairy looking for a pet of her own?

Dog Fairy In A Dog Dish Fairy Garden Simple

This simple little dog dish fairy garden can be completed in no time at all. For a memorial garden you might choose to use your beloved pets favorite bowl or if you just want to make a home for your fairies pet puppy (or kitty we don’t discriminate!) you can find a large selection of pet dishes at yard sales. We have seen several nice-looking ones as low as .25₵, but they are common at .50₵ to $1.00.

Floral Foam In The Bottom Of A Dog Dish For The Base Of A Fairy GArden

Due to our limited outdoor space, we made our Doggie Dinner Dish Fairy Garden with artificial plants but it can just as easily be made with live plants. We started by cutting and placing a small piece of floral foam into the bottom of the dog dish we are using. We anchored it with a small amount of hot glue.

Carpet Sample Added To A Dog Dish Fairy Garden

Then we cut a small sample of indoor outdoor carpet to fit on top. We used T pins to anchor it but you could use hot glue as well. The carpet sample was gained from a helpful salesperson at our favorite hardware store they love to see what I make from the bits and pieces! Most hardware and/or home stores don’t mind sharing a few free samples if we play nice and also promise to consider them for our next purchase!

Dog Dish Fairy Garden

Then we simply added a few miniature flowers, a plastic palm tree from the dollar store, a miniature dog fairy and a miniature dog house. It was an inexpensive project and it can be done in so many different ways. We hope we have inspired you to create your own pet themed fairy garden. Please share your photos to inspire another fairy gardener! As always have Some Fairy Garden Fun Every Day!

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  • Where did you find the Lady and Tramp bowl? I have a friend who is a Lady and Tramp fanatic!

    Jodi on

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