What Do Christmas & Valentines Day Have In Common For Fairy Gardeners?

Valentines Day follows closely behind Christmas. The great news for fairy gardeners is that they share the same color scheme. Careful perusing of the clearance racks and a few queries of garden centers will still yield some amazing bargains.  Re-purposing  a Christmas garden item as a Valentines fairy garden can be simple and inexpensive. A visit to the local hardware store uncovered this gem deeply discounted. 


A Christmas garden turned Valentines Day fairy garden
A few simple tweaks is all it took to turn it into a perfect Valentines Day Garden for my desk.
A heart from a dollar store bag of table scatter was hot glued to a slightly damaged fairy. This small addition turned her into a perfect Valentines day sweetheart fairy.
A Broken Fairy Becomes A Perfect Fairy         Valentine Fairy garden  Figurine            
Replacement of the Christmas ribbon and holly berries with a simple scrap of red ribbon and a simple white flower were the only other changes it took to turn this into and adorable little Valentines Day Fairy Garden.
A perfect valentines day  fairy garden for your desk
With the rest of the bag of table scatter around the base it becomes a perfect desk top fairy garden to bring a little Valentines Day joy to the work place. The plant inside is an air plant and will require only a misting of water once a week.
A Valentines Day Fairy Garden for your desk

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