Why a Fairy Garden?

We have long been fascinated with the wee winged folk and their forest friends. Their magic and beauty so captivates us that stories and art work representing fairies, cross many cultures.

We write poems and sing songs to celebrate the hope, effervescence and mischievous childlike joy they represent. The word fairy originates from the Latin word for fate, i.e. fatum. It has been reported that indeed fairies can alter the fate of humans.



A fairy finding favor with a human can tend to planted seeds thus bringing joy into the heart of their human friend. They have also been said to have granted many a miracle to those with whom they find favor.


On the other hand, a malevolent fairy can drive a human stark raving mad. Playing childlike pranks like hiding your keys repeatedly. I am personally sure that one lives in my dryer and is responsible for all of the missing socks.



Since fairyland exists in a magical realm, we humans have only been given glimpses of the special place where our fairy friends reside. Fairies themselves are said to come from many walks of life. From the royalty of the fairies to the fairies who milk the cows, they all have their place in the kingdom and live in homes as individual as they are. Among the beauty of the forest, they tend to their colorful flowers and care for their animal friends who can range from bunnies and deer to baby dragons. The splendor is unparalleled. Since we humans are prevented from enjoying unfettered access to fairyland, it is only natural that we would try to bring a little of the beauty into our own homes to enjoy day after day, along with the hope that a real fairy will find favor with and visit our gardens.